Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today after doing many research
i realize that my character is not suitable in science field :(
welll.... is quite late for me to realize this LOL -___-lll
originally so firm that i wan to study PHARMACY
haiz.... cz i cant imagine that in the future.. i just stay in lab or inside pharmacy
keep facing to those patient and prescribe medicine~~
i think i will CRAZY @@

i like organising, planning, administration this kind of thing~
i got a strong personality and a bitttt leadership i think~ x)
( i really think that my personality is stronger than same age friends)
so i think management is more suitable for me :D

i also can't diam diam stay in a office and do office stuff

quite confuse abt my future actually :(

i want to become a POWERFUL WOMAN!!!!!!

女强人! << this is my ambition x)